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Welcome to jinki!  We are an Australian family business based in the beautiful subtropical hinterlands of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. 

We at jinki, are dedicated baby carrier specialists given to the pursuit of eco-friendly solutions to significantly improve the personal carriage of your highly precious cargo!      

Our initial entry into babyspace debuts the jinki Baby Carrier with Hip Seat, an engineering feat we believe is destined to broadly change the concept of baby carriers, and one we're keen to share. 

If you've ever used a traditional harness-only style baby carrier, you're in for a big surprise. Our integrated harness and hip seat design creates a weight distribution dynamic that significantly lightens your load, saves your back, and fosters greater engagement with your baby.  We hold that the intimate sharing of precious and memorable experiences lends itself to forming the deepest and lasting of bonds.

What has captured everyone, is the apparent weightlessness.  Your baby is buoyant and your back isn't at all strained.  

Initial responses to our product have been overwhelmingly positive and really encouraging to everyone involved.  We'd especially like to thank all those who participated in assisting us on the various stages of pulling this all together, and who have helped to make this journey so much fun along the way!

Much love, jinki x