eco-friendly baby carriers designed to lighten your load

Experience the magic of jinki's weight distribution dynamics!

Eliminate preventable back strain, so you can enjoy the ride as much as they do!

Jinki Baby Carrier with Hip Seat


Breathable, Superior Absorbency, Superior Softness, Higher Tensile Strength, Superior Thermal Exchange (cooler), Superiorly Antimicrobial/Antibacterial, Superior Stain Resistance, Superior Odor Resistance, Superiorly Hypoallergenic, Chemical Free Production, Eco-Friendly

Jinki Baby Carrier with Hip Seat


Breathable, Absorbent, High Thread Count Softness, High gsm Strength, Superior Thermal Insulation (warmer), Antimicrobial/Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, Odor Resistant, Superior Wrinkle Resistance, Superior Pilling Resistance, Superior Shrinkage Resistance, Eco-Friendly

All jinki products come CPC certified!

CPC testing carried out by Swiss based, SGS Testing & Certification Services.

Jinki Baby Carriers are principally crafted from 100% natural fabrics!

Non allergenic, Breathable, Absorbent, Insulative!